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They can even elevate it to a form of communion. There is no reason to resist, regret, or delay the inevitable. Click here for your Free Numerology Reading. I know a Pisces-Pisces combination and they have been married for awhile, but they both cheated on each other early in their relationship and neither is too into fidelity.

I think both need a more stable person. I am in a Pisces-Pisces relationship and after reading the above text, I felt like it has been written for my husband and I. It is so true! Even the fireplace part matches exactly our daily routine. Pisces rock! LOL This was all very true! I got out of a pisces-pisces engagement almost a year ago. We were best friends but when it was time to call it off, we both knew it and are still good friends.

I am a Pisces Mar7 and I had a crush like beyond crush on a Pisces man friend Mar16 and now he has had a crush on me for a long time too and we know we want each other ,when ever we are drunk we are all over each other and the above makes so much sense its retarded! WE just have an understanding with each other we are connected in some weird way. I wonder if we will ever get into a relationship?? I strongly believe I have the power within me to manifest this possibility into reality. I have even been able to speak of what is to become sometimes, months, even years before they come to fruition.

I get mixed reviews from others. Some become fascinated with my so called gift and keep coming back for more. While others get frightened and stay clear of me. Shrugs shoulders. Been there, done that. I guess, it is quite wearying to be constantly asked how I know what I know. And I have come up with a great explanation, if you can even call it that:. Just because I know the secrets of the Universe, does not necessarily mean I will reveal all!!!

Some people accuse me of knowing or not knowing all of the secrets of the Universe. So take heart, young lady. Many times, that has happened to me. More power to you, and hope you figure out how to shelter yourself from others. They are not meaning to deplete your energies, but just the same watch out for your self, if any.

As I have not really figured out how to protect myself yet.

Capricorn Man Pisces Woman Compatibility: Are They Soulmates?

I simply refer to those individuals as Negative Toxic Individuals. As they will constantly drag you down into the dumpsters with them, no matter how much you try to uplift their spirits. Therefore, stay away from such individuals. Clearly, they need a simple about face attitude adjustment!!! Meet a guy we clicked, Clicked so much so its scary!!! Low and behold he was a fish!!! Its like we have been knowing each other our whole lives. He is truly a girl version of me.

I lost my relationship after 20 months. I was with a pisces and he cheated on me and then i cheated back on him and then poof.. You guys are scaring me! He cheated on my mom when I was younger.. Although with time I was able to manifest a relationship with him again which is now off again he is ridiculously stubborn. He dreams big and works small sad to say. Recently though.. I love talking to him and he makes me feel safe to retreat from the world.

Pisces Woman And Cancer Man

The last time I felt this way in a relationship was while dating a Scorpio man. Both Pisces man and Pisces woman enjoy each others company. The Pisces male zodiac is looking for that charming, funny and elegant Pisces female whom he can love endlessly and the female Pisces is looking for that handsome guy, who will give her the freedom to be whatever she wants to, who can surprise her with his witty attitude and sweep her off her feet.

Both Pisces and Pisces look for that perfect partner who can match their mystical vibes and share a great experience with one another at all times. Pisces Man And Pisces Woman: Level Of Understanding As far as the level of understanding is concerned, the compatibility of Pisces man and Pisces woman is wonderful and they are often termed as avid lovers, full of reveries and mysticism in the relationship.

The physical relationship that these two share is quite sensual as well as spiritual. If both Pisces man and woman click well, and get into the mood of feeling ecstatic, there is no way they couldn't venture into the dreamy world full of fantasies and blissful euphoric states. There is a possibility of Pisces male and Pisces female to have quarrels over petty matters now and then, which they may not like.

Their ruling planet Neptune, makes them very empathetic for one another and often this planet helps them to know each other in a better way with its intuitive features. Their mutual care and sympathy for one another should not come in their way in experiencing a benevolent life together. Pisces Male And Pisces Female: Benefits And Challenges The Pisces man and Pisces woman are ruled by the planet of Neptune, which not only makes the whole scenario more intense but also doubles the effect of this planet in the Pisces compatibility.

This in turn makes the Pisces man compatibility with Pisces woman an interesting blend. Pisces man and Pisces woman are together, they will feel this tremenendous sense of positive qualities pertaining to sensitivty, tenderness, affection, love and fascination that makes them feel good about each other. They also like the freedom that the other partner provides, as they themselves know how important it is for a Pisces zodiac native to be sometimes left alone.

But there are also negative impacts that may create issues in the alliance between the Pisces and Pisces. They are too much involved in reveries, in the act of delaying and postponing things, being hesitant in a lot circumstances, being too lethargic and sluggish to do something, getting panic-stricken and dwelling in the madness that is inside their heads are some of the shortcomings that they should work on.

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They also tend to be a bit dishonest and unfaithful, which breaks their trust, often hurting each other and themselves. The tendency to think a lot and being hypersensitive acts negatively on them, which they should stop doing. Twelfth sign of the zodiac natives do possess qualities that can easily drive away all the troubles that they experience, and live an anxiety-free happy life together. All, that this love match needs is freedom, understanding, trust and love that they already have for each other, to lighten up, and together they can explore everything right from the beautiful clouds to the blissful fresh Earthly smell, not in a dream, but in real life.

If they can overlook these problems, then the Pisces man Pisces woman compatibility will be filled with joy and bliss! Share on. Life Meter Know the percentages of different aspects of your physical and mental state. Compatibility Check out how well will your wavelengths with others match. To know a partner with such certainty is to almost wipe out all mystery. With no intrigue to keep things enticing, the couple grows bored with one another. Despite the excessive transparency, the ease of knowing the other is a boon. It allows for a telepathic connection that runs deeper than other couples will ever know.

The Pisces to Pisces love affair is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to know a dreamy kind of love. The duo consists of two inspiring and supportive people. They know each other like the back of their hand. Pisces personalities take his sweet time with a relationship. But, no one will understand Piscean behavior like two Pisces! Friendship is quick when this couple averts shyness. With the slow road to the bedroom, the Pisces and Pisces love affair has a better chance at survival.

Lovemaking is exact and slow. Each partner is gentle and prefers to take their time to enjoy the emotional connection. Can we say extended foreplay folks? Can you begin to imagine foreplay between two slow to advance Pisceans? It includes gentle massage and blissful kisses. It also includes the oh so sweet nothings and pillow talk the Pisces pairing shares? When in the bedroom the Pisces and Pisces compatibility cannot be more perfect.

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Once the Pisces pair gets to know each other in bed, experimentation follows. Still, even the experimentation phase moves at a slow and steady pace. No other zodiac signs will experience a depth of emotion like those ruled by the Water element. Pisces and Pisces matches have exceptional communication skills.

Once the shy and introverted barriers are down, these two are open with one another. The means of communication with this couple is twofold. They have extrasensory gifts, so they share thoughts through thoughts without speaking. They also use conventional means of communication. The smallest of body gestures, such as the wave of a hand, conveys layers of meaning. The Pisces and Pisces love match has two personalities who are excellent observers. Remember the good old wallflower persona?

You learn a lot when you speak little and listen! The observation skills of the Pisces individual have their antennae up. They are always ready for detection. What do Pisces men and women talk about? Dreams and how to achieve them. The Pisces female is a natural at inspiring others to take on a carpe diem attitude. Working in unison, this duo finds balance in love. The Pisces and Pisces connection is far from perfect, though it is hard to top! Some issues will arise between these creative, dreamy individuals.

The water-influenced Pisces personality is emotive, to say the least.

Where emotions run high, so do relationship monsters! Verbal outbursts and arguments precede long interludes of the silent treatment. Thankful when tempers wear down, the Pisces pairing is compassionate and forgiving. The Pisces pairing is prone to lethargy and lazy moods too. While sitting on that lazy couch, Pisces pairs can start sucking down the Bon Bons!

Pisces Man and Pisces Woman Compatibility

You ate the crumbs too? When speaking of astrology, the term polarity comes up. It is a reference to the energies associated with a zodiac sign. Every zodiac sign has a specific energy. The energies are masculine and feminine. In other words, the signs are yang or yin. Pisces is a yin sign, so they align with the receptive feminine energies. With signs sharing a similar polarity, the Pisces pair has a beautiful connection.

They understand one another. Both are receptive and open to one another. It lends to a romantic and peaceful pairing. The feminine energies place a sensitive and emotive nature on what it influences. Pisces people feel deep and are sensitive to emotional inflictions.

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If wounded the on an emotional level, the pain lingers and remains in the memory. The moods each person in the Pisces and Pisces relationship are bound to clash from time to time. This can cause conflict if one partner happy and the other depressed. If the couple experiences negative emotions, they can feed into the negative moods. Of course, this results in a worsening or extension of the depression. When talking in astrological terms, two zodiac signs are a certain distance apart.

That distance is the aspect of the two signs. Pisces and Pisces have no distance, so they are conjunct. Conjunct signs are zero spaces apart on the zodiac wheel. It is easier for a Pisces pair to express understanding and empathy. The nature of the Pisces personality calls for this type of understanding too. Both partners are dreamy and emotional. They get hurt with ease.

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